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Water treatment - THURSDAY, JULY 19, 2018

Lake Hills Members, All Habitat Services (AHS) is scheduled to perform the following items today THURSDAY, JULY 19:

  • Survey weed and algae growth throughout the lake.

  • Herbicide application (diquat) to invasive/nuisance weeds in swim areas and boating lanes, as needed.

  • Algaecide application (Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate) to reduce filamentous algae growth (green/brown slime) on the lake surface and the lake bottom and to help prevent microscopic algae blooms (green water).

  • Water sampling, including nutrient and planktonic aglae analysis

AHS will perform the work from a boat launched from Beach 4. LAKE USAGE AHS will post chemical application notifications (8.5" x 11" ​​ paper) at applicable LHA beaches during or immediately after all chemical treatments. The notifications contain details of water usage restrictions which are generally minimally interruptive to lake recreation. Please keep an eye out for the posted notifications and adhere to any noted usage restrictions. WE CAN ALL HELP…

  1. Feeding your lawn feeds the weeds and algae in the lake. Carpet-like lawns = green, slime​y​, weedy Samp Mortar. Please minimize or eliminate lawn fertilizers. Consider having your soil analyzed by your lawn company or do it yourself ( to determine any deficiencies and receive appropriate recommendations. If you choose to fertilize consider using organic fertilizer with low or no phosphorous (middle number is phosphorous, ex., 18-0-4)

  2. NEVER dump any yard debris or chemicals into or near the lake.

  3. Properly maintain septic systems and ensure they are not leaking.

  4. Manually remove nuisance aquatic weeds and filamentous algae from near-shore swim areas.

ALSO ... for any members interested, our Monthly Lake Hills Board Meeting is TONIGHT at 7:30 PM at Beach 4. Please join us! THANK YOU! ~Lake Hills Board.

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