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Beach Cleanup Day

Beach cleanup day will be held at all beaches on May 4th, beginning at 9 a.m. We need your help. The beaches are not ready for opening day.

Until our beach cleanup concludes, do not place any watercraft on the beaches or the racks, as we need to clean around these areas. Watercraft can be placed in designated areas after beach cleanup concludes.

Please come with rakes, wheelbarrows, gloves, blowers and/or trimmers, if you have them. Dress in boots, pants and sleeved shirts.

Even if you can spare only an hour or two, the association will appreciate as much help as you can give.

Come out and meet your neighbors and get ready for the 2019 Summer Swim Season.

Here is what is needed for Beach Four:

People need to wear: Long sleeves Long pants Boots Gloves Hats

People need to bring:

Wheelbarrows Rakes Shovels Clippers Pruners Weed whackers Chain saws Hand saws Sawzall Rope

The list of chores includes :

Much effort will need to be made when it comes to raking out the muck between the beach and the float Clear the baseball field fence Remove the cherry tree under the power line Take down the old old phone pole Shovel out the ashes of the fire pit Reposition fire pit rocks Remove grill post with reciprocating saw Clear out brush and saplings as far as we can along lakefront Remove log from lake on left of beach Pull firewood up from lakeside to fire pit Add mulch to the boat rack area to raise it up a few inches Pull up the garlic weeds and poison ivy Clean off the blacktop of the drive Mulch along drive up to the gate Remove rotted log by fire pit, Replace with big log by the fire pit Mow or weed-whack behind 3rd base fence Remove lifeguard equipment box Bring down large invasive tree near the downed logs past the boat racks Clear brush to the downed logs leaving a barrier along the shore

If you can help out with Beach Four, please email Beach Reps Geordi Keitt and Chris McHugh, geordiekeitt [[at]] and chris.michael.mchugh [[at]]

Please reach out to your other beach reps via our website's directory if you have any questions, as to what is specifically needed at the individual beaches.

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