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President's Letter

As I and the 2019 Board begin our two year term ,I’d like to start by thanking all the members of the outgoing boar, several of whom stepped away from extended stints of service. This includes our president, Jason Hyde, our treasurer, James Sidwa, our secretary, Lynn Goddard, past president, Craig Leppla, reps, Michael Finneran, Doug Koch, and assistant treasurer, Sara LaGreca. Communities are reflections of the people that steward them and we have been fortunate to have people with the right experience and commitment to draw upon. The LHA Board and community is a much better place because of their sustained contributions over many years.And what a great place it is! It’s a truism of this modern age, that you are more likely to know people thousands of miles away than your own neighbors. This enclave of five hundred odd homes is an unlikely modern village where physical and virtual community come together in the best of ways. Whether you are a long time resident who remembers where Beach 5 used to be, or a new member just discovering all the lake has to offer, the LHA community has something for everyone. Our beautiful lake, its many beaches and playgrounds are a great start, but even better are the many volunteer run events that dot the calendar. Indoor events like Cabin Fever Fest and Bingo Night, outdoor fun like the Fishing Derby and Family Fun Day (once again featuring the Great Race,) and popup Movie Nights the enterprising volunteers of the LHA Spirit committee have put together a great schedule of events fo the year. Look for the “LHA Year on a Page” in this Pow Wow and on the LHA website for a complete list. Our intrepid webmaster is also preparing to launch our first ever tag photo poll on the LHA facebook group. If you need assistance in joining, look for contact information in this PowWow. Or offer suitable bribes to your resident teenager. As our community evolves, we have more new members than in years past. If you are a new lake member or a long time resident, there are many great ways to meet everyone and get involved. The LHA board and its various committees are entirely volunteer run and we’re always looking for helping hands. The LHA spirit committee maintains a list of events you can volunteer to organize or assist with. The board meeting every third Thursday are also a great way to keep abreast of what’s happening in and around the lake. If you are a long time resident with new neighbors, please take a few minutes to talk to them about LHA events that they might otherwise not know to join. Better yet, bring them along to one of the events to help them break the ice.Like all relationships, what we get out of communities is what we put into them. The Lake Hills, we have had the benefit of many people who have made the lake and its environs a great place to live. Let’s continue those traditions and make this a place the next generation of Lake Hills residents will have great memories of.


Sudhi Balan

Lake Hills Association President

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