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COVID-19 Beach Guidance

Dear Lake Hills Members,

LHA beaches will be open to members starting Memorial day weekend. To ensure everyone’s safety please follow these guidelines.

  1. Follow social distancing guidance Stay 6 feet away from unrelated people as much as possible to ensure that all beach goers are safe. Markers have been laid down on the beaches marking six foot distances. Please respect these distances when sharing the beach with other families. Please follow instructions from the lifeguards in this matter.

  2. Bring masks to the beach.

When on the beach, you may find yourself in situations where you are unable to maintain social distancing. Please bring masks to the beach and wear masks when you find yourself in these situations.

  1. Wear masks when approaching the lifeguards

Lifeguards on the beaches face greater risk of exposure. Please help protect them by wearing masks when approaching them.

  1. Show your tags to the lifeguards

In order to avoid unnecessary contact the lifeguards will review your tag numbers from afar. Please maintain a reasonable distance and wear masks when doing so.

  1. Swim at your own risk

Waterborne transmissibility of COVID-19 is theorized to be low, but studies are still underway and the exact science is unclear. As always the lake remains swim at your own risk, and limiting your water exposure may be prudent.

  1. Swim basins and floats will not be available

To remove an attractive nuisance that might encourage violation of social distancing, the swim platform and docks have been removed from the lake. Please refrain from bringing them in the water or asking the lifeguards to do so.

  1. Porta -potties may not be available

Public bathroom facilities represent potential hot spots for COVID-19 transmission. Out of an abundance of caution porta-potties will not be available on the beaches until such time as we can assess and control the risk of COVID transmission.

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