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Covid-19 Update

This past week, the LHA board meeting largely focused on the obvious, the Covid-19 pandemic. You may all be aware of the Town of Fairfield's decision to close all open spaces and ban public gatherings. As a private community, we have the unique privilege of the continued use of our open spaces.  Ourlakeis a fantastic resource for spending time

outdoors without infringing on peoples personal space. But this is only possible if we all continue to fulfill our responsibilities as a community.  Many members in the LHA community, including seniors, immuno-compromised individuals and healthcare professionals cannot afford to take any risks, and the LHA board has adopted some common sense guidelines to keep everyone safe. We ask that all members adhere to them so we can continue enjoying ourlakeand open spaces without putting others at risk.

1. For the time being, no party permits will be issued and members should not congregate in groups at the beaches or other LHA properties. All LHA events have been canceled or postponed for the foreseeable future. Do not gather in large groups on LHA property. We are asking that members practice the same level of social distancing that the Fairfield Health Department has prescribed.

2. To avoid congregating in large groups, beach cleanup will be done as a series of individual assignments rather than a group effort. Your district representatives will be taking stock of what needs to be done at our beaches and looking for volunteers to attend to them individually. We will be assigning time slots and tasks so that these items can be completed by individuals and families while maintaining social distancing. The dumpsters will still be dropped off at the beaches, however, we will leave them in place for an extended period. These can be gradually filled in over time by cleanup crews.

3. Once the boat storage areas have been cleaned up, we will be opening them up for use. Please wait for notification from the LHA board that your storage area has been opened before bringing your watercraft down. Contact your district representative for more information. District reps information is on the LHA website.

When making use of LHA property, please keep in mind that the other people you encounter may be at higher risk to the virus than yourself, and as your neighbors, they deserve your respect.  Should the situation surrounding the Covid-19 virus change significantly, the LHA board may change our policies regarding LHA property use. We will keep you posted as the situation develops.

Stay safe and love the lake,

The LHA Board


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