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Lake Treatment

The board is aware of the areas in the lake with nuisance weed and algae growth. The required chemical treatment permit is delayed with the CT DEEP. We will treat the lake as soon as we receive the permit and inform all of you with the treatment date and details. Thank you for your patience.

We are in year one of a three year permit renewal. The single DEEP employee that processes permits is retiring and training her replacement. Also because CT’s process is not automated online, like other nearby states, the only way to check the permit status is via direct contact.

AHS, the company that treats our lake, reviewed our permit filing and confirmed all is in order and nothing is missing, and Fairfield Inlands-Wetlands has already signed off on it. We are in contact with AHS every other day. AHS has about a dozen permits still outstanding, with one common thread being that they qualify for the “Natural Diversity Database,” in our case due to the protected blueback herring that migrate up Mill River to the base of the dam.

Please note that nuisance weeds and algae in swim areas can be minimized by manual raking, cutting or hand-pulling where feasible.

- LHA Board of Directors


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