LHA November Update

There are three updates to let you know about:

1. Beach 4 is going to take advantage of the lake being lowered by holding a beach cleanup. We need everyone in the neighborhood who is able bodied to please come down at 10 a.m. this Saturday, November 20th. We will be cleaning out the swim area, among other additional beach cleanup efforts. Please contact Beach 4 Representative Russ Jennings if you have any questions at 203.259.2277. A big thank you to the Terrell family for spearheading a massive amount of work in the swim area already this weekend.

2. The Lake Hills online store has a big holiday sale going on. Prices have been reduced on LHA apparel. Check it out at lakehillsfairfield.com/store.

3. Please note that all watercraft must be removed from all Lake Hills beaches by 11/29/2021.

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