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Rescheduled Beach Cleanup Day May 20th

The Lake Hills Association's Beach Cleanup Day has been rescheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, May 20th. The cleanup will happen rain or shine. Please bring a raincoat, if necessary. We need your help. Many of the beaches are not ready for opening day. Until our beach cleanup concludes, do not place any watercraft on the beaches or the racks, as we need to clean around these areas. Watercraft can be placed in designated areas after beach cleanup concludes. Cleanup happens from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. tomorrow. Please come with rakes, wheelbarrows, gloves, blowers and/or trimmers, if you have them. "If you think about the countless hours that we spend enjoying our lake during the summer, doesn't it make sense to pitch in for a couple hours on Beach Cleanup Day to help kick off another wonderful season at the lake?" said Lake Hills President Jason Hyde. Even if you can spare only an hour or two, the association will appreciate as much help as you can give. Come out and meet your neighbors and get ready for the 2018 Summer Swim Season. Please reach out to your beach reps via our website's directory if you have any questions.

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