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Post Storm Clean Up

Lake Hills Community,

Many of our members have reached out to me to find out how they can help clean up from the flooding this past week. In response, the Lake Hills Board has arranged for an organized clean up this weekend.

If you can help with clean up or boat retrieval, please meet at the following locations and times:

Saturday, September 29th (TOMORROW)

Beach 1 (off Tahmore Drive)

9am – 11am

Board Member Alan Motkin will be there to organize our efforts.

Sunday, September 30th

Beach 2 (Next to the Dam)

11am – 1am

Board Member Myke Hartigan will be there to organize our efforts.

We will have a boat with a motor available both days so we can retrieve boats and chairs and other belongings from the lake.

All belongings recovered will be brought back to those beaches so they can be collected by their owners.

In the meantime, if you keep a watercraft at one of the beaches, please, as soon as possible, go and make sure it is still there. Some watercraft are still attached to their boat racks and the entire rack is floating in the lake.

Right now there is still a lot of water going over the dam, but last night the Lake Hills Board agreed to lower the lake again this year. Draw down will begin on Friday, October 19th, and we will close the valve on November 4th. Of course, like last year, Mother Nature could easily affect how long the lake stays lowered.

Thank you in advance to all of you who will be there to help this weekend.

Sincerely, Jason Hyde Lake Hills President

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